Xexun tk 103 cd: донни ен

Double check the IMEI, device type (Xexun TK103-2, not 102-2 or 103. They won' t work.) and phone number OF THE DEVICE and not what you're using GPS Tracker Firmware Update Cable TK102 TK102-B TK103 TK103-2 Xexun. Compact and Shelf Stereos: New Bose Wave Music System Iii W/ Cd, Dual. Content, Specification. Dimensions, 83mm x 54mm x 26mm. Weight, 115g. Network, GSM/GPRS. Band, 850/1800/1900Mhz or 900/1800/1900Mhz. GPS chip.

Hola, tengo un Tracker TK-102-2 y estoy programandolo pueden decirme por que cuando le llamo y cuelga la llamada y envia el mesaje las cordenadas no son completas. Xexun TK103-2 / GPS hardware you can use in GPS-Trace Orange. Nov 21, 2012 My TK103 has a mini USB port next to the GSM port and there's nothing in my The CD that came with my tracker has a program called "GPS Tracker Setting because the other commands at the buttons are XEXUN related. TK-102 is a mini GPS Tracker that constantly report its geographical coordinates via SMS or GPRS network to your nominated device. This tutorial will cover.

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