H qо прошивка на ipod classic: газель некст фото видео

Rockbox for iPod Classic 6G available (and unstable) Можно поподробнее как это сделать и откуда скачать прошивку. Кстати прошивку. Материалы по устранению неполадок и обслуживанию, руководства с инструкциями и многое другое. Ознакомьтесь с рекомендациями по переносу. Aug 4, 2016 NOTE Some sources (e.g. Wikipedia) incorrectly refer to all full-size iPods released since 2001 as part of the "classic" product line. Please refer. Mar 30, 2017 Here are a number of things to try if you are having problems updating your iPod classic, or if your computer freezes when it is connected.

Installing alternative software/firmware on your iPod Classic is not supported by Apple. We are not responsible in any way for any damage you might do to your.

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